Crises Planning & Natural Disasters Related Consultancy

With respect to natural disaster related activities, the high level of professional experience enable BELDA consultants to develop and prepare all sort of site selection analyses for high risk areas, resettlement and upgrading schemes, integrated infrastructure projects and site management, water leak deduction surveys, land expropriation assessments, legal feasibility of expropriations. This capability encompasses integrated natural disasters recovery programs. Within this context, BELDA LTD conducted following studies;


        Waste Supply Leak Deduction Survey for Erzincan Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project, cooperating with Seba Wesstechnik (Austria) in 1995 (IBRD financed)


        Damage Survey and Damage Cost Estimates   for Bartn, Karabk, Kastamonu, Yenice,  Bolu and Dzce towns in the context of Turkey Emergency Flood Recovery Project - TEFER in 1998, (IBRD financed)


        Site Selection Survey of Permanent  Housing  Sites for Adana and Ceyhan in the context of  Turkey Emergency Flood Recovery Project - TEFER  in 1998 (IBRD financed)


         Present Situation and Reconstruction Needs For zmit, Glck, Yalova & Adapazar Marmara Earthquake Emergency Reconstruction Project -MEER (IBRD financed)





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