Tourism Sector

BELDA's expertise in the tourism sector encompasses a wide range of related fields including pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, site selection and best-use analyses, development plan preparation, architectural services and engineering services. BELDA, via closely following the developments and changes in the related legal, administrative and financial framework for tourism investments as well as maintaining close relationships with relevant governmental organizations, provides the potential investors with investment strategy, up-to-date information and the follow-up of projects in addition to the technical capabilities it offers. In last ten years; BELDA completed and submitted numerous projects to Ministry of Tourism, Turkey Bank of Development, different governors and Private Sector.


. West Black Sea Coastal Structural Plan 1/25000

(Sakarya,Kocaeli,İstanbul,Tekirdağ and Kırklareli provinces), 

. Provincial Tourism Master Plans for followings;  

·        Antalya,

·        Adana,

·        Bartın,

·        Erzurum, 

·        Malatya,

·        Osmaniye,

·        Ardahan,

·        Düzce    

. İzmir Hilton Golf and Country Club- Master and Development Plans ,


. Belek Marina Development Plan and Layouts  are to be mentioned.



Ardahan  Provincial Tourism Master Plan

BELDA LTD completed eight “Provincial Tourism Development Master Plan” including tourism capital of Turkey, Antalya.


Ardahan Province Tourism Master Plan recently prepared.


Main aims of the plans are to mobilize natural and cultural assets to promote tourism industry in provinces.





İzmir Hilton Golf and Country Club- Master and Development Plans

“İzmir Hilton Golf and Country Club” development plans conducted in 1989 as one of the first in this field in Turkey.  BELDA also provided partial Project Management Services to the Project.


Construction of the Club started but not completed due to dissolutions among partners. 




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