Land Development and Housing

In the field of land development, BELDA's professional staff are capable of undertaking with confidence the identification of suitable sites for urban expansion; the planning and development activities including infrastructure and community facilities; the servicing, marketing and building of new urban land for industrial, commercial and residential use; the development and sale of planned and serviced land, with special emphasis on the affordability of prices for lower income families. Within this context; following sites had been planned by BELDA LTD .  


·        Tarsus Kaleburcu Housing Site   (Infrastructure construction completed)

·        Torbalı Housing Site  (Infrastructure construction completed and settled)

·        Gökçeada Housing Site  (Infrastructure construction completed and settled)

·        Bozcaada Housing Site  (Infrastructure construction completed and settled)

·        Silifke Housing Site  (Infrastructure construction completed and settled)

·        Eastern Marmara Earthquake Emergency Reconstruction Project – Permanent  Housing Sites 
   (Infrastructure construction completed and settled)



Development Plan of Gebze Site


Gebze Site After Construction


Marmara Earthquake Permanent Housing Sites’   Development Plans and Site Layouts been prepared by BELDA.

Integration of urban layouts with infrastructure Projects was also the responsibility of BELDA.


Total capacity of MEER Permanent Housing Sites is approximately 12 500 dwelling units.



The largest and most populated Permanent Housing Site located in Gölcük.



Gölcük Site after consturuction



Torbalı Housing Site Development Plan   Torbalı Housing Site - Model


Gökçeada Housing Site Development Plan


Gökçeada and Bozcaada Housing Sites’ urban development plans and whole infrastructure projects prepared by BELDA.


More than 5000 inhabitants settled on those sites.





Tarsus Kaleburcu Housing Site Turkey Projects had been prepared in 1988.


The Project was one of the first land development attempts of local governments in Turkey.




In addition to these; physical planning and infrastructure projects of a great number of cooperatives in İstanbul, Ankara, Adana and Mersin were prepared by BELDA and all of them have been completed and made available for settlement.



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