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BELDA is also highly specialized in developing the institutional capacity of local governments through the provision of technical assistance and staff training programs. This assistance extends to the improvement of the managerial, administrative and financial capacity of the municipalities as well as to the development of a local capacity to plan, implement and operate urban services within the context of managing growth.

Within this context;

  • Training and Technical Assistance Components of Erzincan Leak Survey”, conducted for Prime Ministry Mass Housing Administration within context of “Erzincan Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project”, cooperating with Austrian SEBA Messtechnik GmbH, (IBRD financed)
  • Köycegiz/Dalyan Environment Project Institutional Development (First Phase)”  cooperating with IGIP GmbH, conducted for the Ministry of  Environment  Authority for protection of Special Areas (APSA) (German Kfw financed)
  • Köycegiz/Dalyan Environment Project Complementary Measures (Second Phase)”, cooperating with IGIP GmbH, conducted for the Ministry of  Environment  Authority for protection of Special Areas (APSA) (German Kfw financed) is ongoing.
  • The Interview Survey on The Third Agricultural Credit Project in Turkey”,  KRI International Japan (JIBC financed)
  • An Assessment for  Expropriation of the Sites”,  Marmara Earthquake Emergency Recovery (MEER), Permanent Housing Sites, (IBRD financed)
  • Assessment of Existing Legal & Administrative Means For Earthquake Recovery”, Marmara Earthquake Emergency Recovery (MEER), Permanent Housing Sites, “Performance Monitoring System for Local Authorities Project (BEPER)” conducted for Ministry of Interior, (IBRD
  • Instutional Improvement and PR Components of Patara Management Plan”  conducted for the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Culture, (IBRD financed)
  • Physical Planning and Technical Assistance Components of Belek Management Plan”,  conducted for Turkish Society for Preservation of Wildlife (DHKD), (financed by Life fund)

  are realized by BELDA LTD.


From those; Erzincan, Patara and Belek  projects  had been completed and appraised by IBRD and other authorities. Köycegiz/Dalyan Environment Project Second Phase – Complementary Measures, is ongoing.

BELDA LTD’s latest assignment is “Performance Monitoring of Local Authorities” which financed by IBRD. This is first attempt to monitor local governments in Turkey 

Capacity Building and Institutional Development are expertise fields of  BELDA  LTD.


Within the context of the Project, comparisons and rankings of 129 municipalities can be made.


BEPER is one of the pioneering studies based on performance measurement and public administration in Turkey.


Financial and technical capacities of the Project the municipalities are aimed to be increased by human sources development.



…Koycegiz/Dalyan Environment Project – Complementary Measures

Component realized by BELDA…




Local Governments Union and Union owned stock company (CEVTAS) are established..


All infrastructure services for four municipalities and fourteen villages had been given by Union..


BELDA believes that key words of  managerial success are motivation  of  decision makers and sprits of  “we can do...






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