Type of Organization

BELDA Ltd. is a Turkish company whose headquarters is located in Ankara. The company has been established in March 1988, bringing together the expertise of a group of local experts to provide a wide spectrum of professional services pertaining to local government operations as well as tourism.

BELDA specializes in the full range of spatial planning activities, including regional planning, urban planning, urban growth  management, land development, upgrading, housing management, transportation, water and sanitation services, solid waste management, operation and maintenance services, metropolitan administration, municipal finance, institutional development, and municipal staff training. Recently, via undertaking numerous projects in the tourism and environmental sector, BELDA has extended its areas of specialty to envelop tourism, coastal zone management plans by using orthophoto maps and GIS techniques.

Authorized Persons: Mr. A. Saffet Atik is authorized to sign contracts and other legally binding documents on behalf of the company.



The founders of the organization have undertaken, either as senior executive and management staff or as consultants, numerous urban development studies and projects in major regions and cities of Turkey, including the relatively large towns of the Çukurova and the South East Anatolia Regions as well as in other parts of the country including the three largest metropolitan centers, namely Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

The expertise of BELDA's founding members and staff are complemented by qualified planners, landscape architects and urban designers, municipal engineers, city planners, tourism experts and computer specialists. BELDA’s advisors like sociologists, economists, public administrators and others also effectively contribute plans and where their involvements are needed

The company is able to mount, from among its staff, multi-disciplinary teams that are capable of undertaking all technical, administrative, organizational, financial and legal tasks pertaining to relevant projects to ensure their successful and timely realization.